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I was born in 1985 in the city of La Plata, Argentina, and I have been dedicated to the arts ever since. After studying painting as a child with Oscar Levaggi, I studied and graduated from the great Bachelor of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata. This allowed me to handle different disciplines and different techniques, and develop a great pleasure for experimentation and diversity. Subsequently, while I studied  Psychology and Aesthetics at University, I was specifically trained in illustration in different studios and with different teachers such as Nacho Malter, Leo Batic, Sicalo Illustration Studio (Lizzo Art, Luciano Comizzo), Leo Gauna, Blason Studio (Wally Gomez), Diego Lucía and Monica Weiss. After that I became interested in stop motion animation, studying with Carlos Escudero and Javier Luna Crook (Tamandúa Studio) I have done illustrations for books, records, magazines; animations for commercials, music videos and explainer videos; and I have won several awards in art, particularly in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and literature. In 2021 I founded my own animation studio: MASA Animation Studio, where we develop mostly stop motion, but also 2D projects. Apart from illustration and animation, I really enjoy giving talks and workshops both with children and adults, and both at my own studio and through Teeter Pal, where I'm an online instructor since 2020. 


. 2003 1º Prize in Drawing, Stimulus Salon, organized by the Visual Artists Association of the Province of Buenos Aires.

. 2002 5º Prize in the 3rd National Contest of Literature, Clara Kliksberg, AMIA

. 2002 1º Prize in the National Contest of Painting “100 years of the Keren Kayemet le Israel”. 

. 1998 2º Prize in Sculpture, Juvenile Stimulus Salon,   organized by the Visual Artists Association of the Province of Buenos Aires.

. 1996 1º Prize in Photography, Contest organized by the Children´s Republic, La Plata.

Member of  ADA Asociación

de Dibujantes de Argentina


Endorser of 

Batik Librería Papelería


Member of The Society for the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts (APA Division 10).

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